The Solution Of Livestock And Fisheries

Livestock And Fisheries

We are working to remove all barriers to farming by leveraging information technology to ensure improved fisheries and livestock products and services. We are committed to making your fish and livestock farm more successful by managing it properly.

Cattle Health Care Products

A look at veterinary pharmacies shows that most products are of low quality. If they sell them, their profit is also good. This is how we are constantly cheated by these medicine sellers, feed dealers, and village vet doctors.

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Poultry Health Care Products

Poultry Medicine / Poultry Nutrition and Medicine. Large collection of Nutrition & Medicines & other Medicines for Layer, Broiler, Golden, Country Chicken, Duck, Pigeon etc.

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Aquacalture Products

Aquaculture products are essential for the successful cultivation of aquatic organisms, including fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. These products encompass a wide range of items used for feeding, health management, environmental control, and infrastructure.

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Feed Grade Products

Feed-grade products are essential for providing the necessary nutrients to livestock and fish. Feed manufacturing raw materials/feed grade products. Animal feed ingredients, feed supplements, and feed additives.

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Fodder And Seeds

Fodder and seeds are essential components of livestock and fish farming, providing the necessary nutrients for animal growth, health, and productivity.

Farming Equipments

Farming requires a wide range of equipment, tailored to the specific needs of livestock and fish farmers.


Livestock and fish farmers can benefit from a variety of publications that cover different aspects of their farming operations. We offer important Bengali e-books or PDF books on Fisheries and Livestock.

Software And Applications

There are several software and applications designed specifically for livestock and fish farmers to help them manage their operations more efficiently.