About Us

About prani sampad

We are working to provide a simple and modern solution to the important needs and problems of fisheries and livestock farms. Our main aim is to ensure all products and services at low cost for our livestock farmers.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality products and services.

Small and medium farms lack proper management. Animals are not vaccinated against infectious diseases. At the same time, feed management is unplanned and costly.

Most of these entrepreneurs are unskilled in farm management. We provide online training to develop the skills of these educated entrepreneurs who cannot take government training.

Most rural and family farms depend on village veterinarians for livestock health care. These village vets take advantage of the weakness of the farmers and cheat the farmers in various ways.

We provide animal health services through video call with the help of our trained animal health personnel as per the advice and prescription of the registered veterinary doctor.

Ensuring artificial insemination, vaccination, deworming, and primary medical care with the help of trained and skilled health workers. At the same time, the medicine and materials the farm requires are supplied directly to the farm at the right price.

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